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The Christian Faith & LGBTQ+ Experience Lecture
This lecture has been regularly delivered twice a year since 1998, which means this is a tradition entering its 24th year. Its purpose is, first, to present a Christian word in a safe space to the LGBTQ+ community that represents Good News instead of condemnation, exclusion, and spiritual violence. Second, to educate students and the wider community about authentic LGBTQ+ perspectives on sacred texts, theology, pastoral care, and Christian faith.

At CRCDS, the Christian Faith and LGBTQ+ Experience lecture is housed in the GSRJ program: Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice.

Formerly titled The Program for the Study of Women and Gender in Church and Society, the Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice program grows out of the Divinity School’s decades-long history of officially recognizing women and gender studies as essential for a strong theological curriculum. The new title of the program puts two of the program’s longstanding commitments front and center. First: A commitment to the belief that paying quality attention to women and gender in theological education requires paying quality attention to sexuality and race. One cannot be done well without the others. Second: A commitment to providing the kind of education that equips students to intervene in contexts of social harm and develop strategies for building and strengthening community-based justice in gendered, sexual, and racial terms.


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Annabeth (AB) Roeschley
Executive Director @Brethren Mennonite Council, For Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Interests
Annabeth Roeschley (they/she) serves the executive director of the Brethren Mennonite Council (BMC) for LGBTQ Interests and is an activist and advisor for intersectional justice within and beyond Mennonite Church USA. Annabeth holds a Master of Divinity from Chicago Theological Seminary with a concentration in LGBTQ+ Religious Studies. As a queer abolitionist theologian, spiritual care curator, and politicized chaplain, Annabeth aims to deconstruct theo-ideologies of domination, to nurture liberatory relationships and movements, and to accompany people through grief and loss. Over the past 15 years, Annabeth has supported survivors of sexualized violence, police torture and incarceration, co-created a trauma-informed garden collective and safe housing, developed wellness and contextual education programs, and helped run a woman-owned hardware store.