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Spring 2023 Lecture Series: Christian Faith & LGBTQ+ Experience Lecture - "We Have Always Been Healers: On Building a Genderqueer Ministry"
This lecture has been regularly delivered twice a year since 1998, which means this is a tradition entering its 24th year. Its purpose is, first, to present a Christian word in a safe space to the LGBTQ+ community that represents Good News instead of condemnation, exclusion, and spiritual violence. Second, to educate students and the wider community about authentic LGBTQ+ perspectives on sacred texts, theology, pastoral care, and Christian faith. At CRCDS, the Christian Faith and LGBTQ+ Experience lecture is housed in the GSRJ program: Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice. Formerly titled The Program for the Study of Women and Gender in Church and Society, the Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice program grows out of the Divinity School’s decades-long history of officially recognizing women and gender studies as essential for a strong theological curriculum. The new title of the program puts two of the program’s longstanding commitments front and center. First: A commitment to the belief that paying quality attention to women and gender in theological education requires paying quality attention to sexuality and race. One cannot be done well without the others. Second: A commitment to providing the kind of education that equips students to intervene in contexts of social harm and develop strategies for building and strengthening community-based justice in gendered, sexual, and racial terms. The Christian Faith and LGBTQ+ Experience lecture is a vitally important part of the program.

We are grateful to our partner congregations: Lake Avenue Baptist Church, Downtown Presbyterian Church, Third Presbyterian Church


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Rev. Lane-Mairead Campbell
Settled Minister @First Universalist Church of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Rev. Lane-Mairead Campbell (they/them) is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who realized a call to ministry and leading worship in the midst of Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU). Their journeys in ministry have brought them to Berkeley, CA; Kansas City, KS; Columbus, OH; and now the First Universalist Church of Rochester, where they were called to be the settled minister in 2018. Rev. Lane-Mairead is active in addiction recovery and co-edited the collection This Day in Recovery from Skinner House Books, which won a Silver Nautilus Prize in 2022. They are committed to justice, specifically in the areas of racial justice, LGBTQIA2S+ rights, and houselessness advocacy in downtown Rochester, NY. They openly identify as genderqueer and queer of all kinds, and are working on an upcoming collection of Queer Theology of Unitarian Universalism and beyond.
Mr. Brittan Hardgers
President and Founder @NGMT (Next Generation Men of Transition)
Mr. Brittan Hardgers is the President and founder of NGMT (Next Generation Men of Transition). He is an Educator, Activist, Advocate, Public Speaker, and 1st Black Transgender person to openly run for Rochester City Council; vowed in 2018 to bring visibility to the Trans Masculine community in Rochester NY. Upon starting his own physical transition (FTM), the founding of NGMT has led Mr. Hardgers to build another channel of national support for Trans Masc folks. Growing a brotherhood within the LGBTQ+ community that provides many forms of support. Mr. Hardgers facilitates support groups, mutual aid, emergency assistance, resources, social justice reform and education for and surrounding men of transition and organizations all over the country. Brittan has participated in many educational panels across the country, including Emory University, GEVA Theatre, University of Rochester, Rochester Public Defender's Office, Wind Stream, Aria Strategies and many more.